Aarica Hamilton, B.A., M.Ed.

Education Director at Magna

The only thing Aarica loves more than literature is people. She has been invested in the process of writing and analyzing fiction, nonfiction, drama and poetry since she could read. Throughout her education, she sought opportunities to share the literature she loved with other people. At Westminster College, in Salt Lake City, she was able to pursue both of these interests simultaneously, completing majors in English and psychology. While undergoing intensive creative writing workshops and contributing to the editing and publication of the school's nationally recognized literary magazine, Aarica researched adolescent emotional development and gender roles. She built upon these experiences during her graduate studies at Utah State University, where she researched current methods of differentiating instruction to reach students of all ability and interest levels, including performance-based and interdisciplinary approaches. She believes that every academic subject ought to pertain to students' lives; as a result, she strives to help her students find personal meaning in the literature she brings to the classroom. In her free time, Aarica enjoys movies, concerts, local theater and spending time with friends and family.