Stansbury Academy is an accredited private high school located in Utah's beautiful Salt Lake Valley. The faculty and staff at Stansbury Academy are committed to helping students achieve their short-term and long-term goals, both academically and socially. With a careful balance of rigorous academics and enjoyable recreational activities, students will acquire skills and tools necessary to prepare them for future academic pursuits.


About Our School

Credits are offered in the secondary levels of Math, Science, English and Social Studies. In addition, credit is given in Music, Art, Spanish and French, Physical Education and several Social Development courses. Credit is not given for work that is below 70% average in student's coursework and assessments. Class size ranges from 10-15 students, with individuals receiving one-on-one instruction and lecture support.

Credits issued by regionally accredited schools will automatically transfer with students who enroll in Stansbury Academy. Credits from unaccredited schools will be evaluated on a per class basis.

Please note, students at Stansbury Academy typically come from out of state. Admission consideration is by referral only.

Mission Statement

The mission of Stansbury Academy is to educate our students to their highest academic potential. We strive to prepare students for responsible citizenship and life-long learning.  The growth and welfare of our students is our priority.



Accreditation is a set of rigorous protocols and research-based processes for evaluating an institution’s organizational effectiveness. The accreditation process takes into account not just the school, but the whole institution. Included are the academic programs, the cultural context and the community of stakeholders. Taken as a whole, it is determined how well these components work together to meet the needs of students. School leaders use the accreditation process as a way to continuously work towards school improvement.

Stansbury Academy is accredited through AdvancED, which includes Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC).