Caitie Riddle, A.A.

Art Teacher

Caitie possesses a lifelong passion for creating and has a firm belief in the therapeutic & healing values of art in all of her students' lives. She was a 4-year attendee of the Wyoming State Art Symposium. After completing her A.A. degree and independent study under Dr. Florence McEwin she continued to further her education in art & women's studies at the University of Wyoming.

Caitie has painted countless freelance commission pieces that have been shipped internationally as well as murals for homes & businesses and custom hand-painted signs & instruments. She has worked sketching ancient rock art on archaeological dig sites, instructed private art sessions for clientele, and founded the social media based 801 Art Community local to the Salt Lake Valley.

In her free time Caitie enjoys painting in her home studio, scuba diving, paragliding, and spending time with her husband, stepson, and two small dogs - Milo and Cash.