Dear Tim,

It is our pleasure to recommend Stansbury Academy . When our daughter arrived at Stansbury Academy, she was treated with respect by all staff and encouraged to complete high school. She struggled with low self esteem and anxiety and had given up on herself as far as reaching any goals or achievements . Because of the efforts of Tim Grayson and the wonderful teachers at Stansbury, our daughter graduated high school with a feeling of accomplishment. As she stated in her graduation speech "I am so happy to have made so much progress because I honestly didn't even think I would graduate when I got here. So this is a pretty "rad" accomplishment. I'm looking forward to what is next." ·

We wish to thank all staff at Stansbury Academy for the support, kindness, caring and beautiful graduation  ceremony, including the excellent  graduation  pictures  provided  by Tim.

Thank. you.




I can't say enough good things about Stansbury Academy and their staff!

Our son recently attended Stansbury for seven months. During that time, with the help and support from the staff at Stansbury Academy (especially Ned Heitz and  Henry Ponhe), our son was able to accomplish the necessary classwork to re-enroll at his home high school with the potential to graduate with his original class.  

The coordination required to support our son's ability to join his class at the same  academic level was challenging. Whenever we needed anything, Principal Ned Heitz and all the Stansbury teachers were there to support us. Ned willingly interacted with our home school to make sure all credits were appropriately transitioned and credited. Ned offered individual support to our son to improve his study skills and motivation. Ned understands and connects with the students.  

Education is such an important piece of our son's recovery and we thank  Stansbury for his renewed desire to learn.

We'd first like to thank Teeny for her efforts to help our daughter complete Algebra 2.  We certainly recognize that Algebra is a very difficult subject for our daughter and on top of that it was Algebra 2!  We really appreciated Teeny's openness to allow our daughter to avail herself to alternative methods of study (Tutors in-person and online).  If she didn't do well on a test Teeny would go over it and allow her to retake it.  This allowed her to be more relaxed and not put extreme pressure on her. What was very refreshing about the school was that the students could go at their own pace.  Our daughter was able to work very hard at English, finish it up early and direct all her attention to math.  The school didn't put road blocks up and did everything in its power to make her successful.  We would be remiss if we didn't mention Tim.  Each encounter with him was always directed at our daughter being successful.  During our interactions with him we always received positive, realistic responses to our requests.  He always assured us that he would do whatever he could to make her successful.  We always felt that she was in good hands and by her successfully completing Algebra 2… we were correct.