Michael Larson, C.T.R.S., M.Ed.

Education Director at Magna

Michael has been with Vista since 2004. Michael received a BS of Science in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism in 2003 to practice Recreational Therapy. He later received his Master’s degree in Secondary Education, to teach high school Psychology. Michael is adept to help students maximize their abilities in education by building self-esteem and confidence in their studies. His relaxed demeanor and ability to motivate students creates a positive culture within a school environment. He has been the head instructor of teaching all crisis intervention courses for Vista Treatment Centers for the past six years. Michael has also been the director of recreational therapy at Vista for ten years. His passion for helping adolescents succeed in life continues to motivate him. Michael is an avid sports fan and outdoor enthusiast. His energy and enthusiasm to live life to the fullest carries over in how he helps each student