Physical Education
Physical Education emphasizes the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship and sport-skill development. Students will rotate between various blocks of team sports including soccer, basketball, volleyball and swimming.

Fitness for Life
Fitness for Life places emphasis on the student’s personal fitness participation. Included are classroom discussions regarding proper nutrition, fitness goals and individual fitness program development. Students will apply their knowledge in fitness gym environments and familiarize themselves with the various fitness equipment commonly found in the gym.

Individualized Lifetime Activities
The Individual Lifetime Activities class is characterized by a variety of individualized fitness activities which students can use when they graduate from Stansbury Academy. Activities include aerobics, circuit training and yoga.

Consumer Health
Consumer Health is designed to develop intelligent, self-directed behaviors that lead to good personal health through the study of physical, mental, social, spiritual and emotional aspects of health. Students will learn healthy attitudes and behaviors, esteem, communication, preventative measures in disease, body systems, substance abuse, exercise and nutrition.